The upcoming election to be held in the Port Isabel-San Benito Navigation District will be

May 6, 2023

At the election, the following Places will be up for election

Place 3

First day to File an Application for a place on Ballot – January 18, 2023

Deadline to File an Application for a place on Ballot – February 17, 2023

Locations of Election polling places listed below are subject to change due to Covid-19 and other requirements:

Click here for Polling Locations

Internet Posting Requirements for Political Subdivision

Notice of Drawing for a Place on the Ballot (Aviso de dibujo para lugar en la boleta electoral).

Appointment of Campaign Treasurer by a Candidate (click by Place)

  • Place 3

Political Subdivision Boundary Map

Minutes of the Official Election Canvass for May 01, 2021 General Election

** For additional information and forms, please visit:

Texas Secretary of State – https://www.sos.state.tx.us/elections/forms/pol-sub/index.shtml

Texas Ethics Commission – https://www.ethics.state.tx.us/forms/local/localcohfrm.php


Victor Barrera, Place 1
Chairman, Term May 2021 – May 2025

Joe Martinez, Place 2
Secretary, Term May 2021 – May 2025

Robert Ostos, Place 3
Member, Term May 2019 – May 2023

*Commissioners are elected by plurality, at large by place. 

  • Definition of Plurality system,
    • Electoral process in which the candidate who polls more votes than any other candidate is elected.
  • Definition of At-Large by place,
    • The candidates run in separate groups on the ballot, for each position or place
    • All the qualified voters in the political subdivision may vote in the race


Texas Water Code Chapter 63 Sec. 63.082. QUALIFICATIONS.

To be qualified for appointment as a commissioner, a person must be a resident of the district, a freehold property taxpayer, and a qualified elector of the county.

(Segundo. 63.082. CALIFICACIONES. Para ser elegible para el nombramiento como comisionado, una persona debe ser residente del distrito, contribuyente de propiedad absoluta y elector calificado del condado.)